I was born in Ireland and moved to Norwich in the U.K. in 2002, where I now live.

Since 2008 I split my time between being a scenic artist for a set design company, where I'm allowed to paint all day and get paid for it(!), and doing my own artwork.

Much of my work deals with trying to make visual the act of forgetting, of half-remembering, of doubt and not knowing. This can be seen in the way images and text are hidden, buried, fragmented, distorted or erased in layers of paint; but far from obliterating information, the remnants left over entice you to look closer at the picture in search of meaning.

My interest in social, historical and literary subject matter informs the work also, with references to immigration, belonging, identity, fame; to writers, books and play.

My interest in social and political issues have compelled me to draw the cartoons you see in the Gallery section. Not having the tenacity for public or online protest, I find this is the only way to vent my spleen. Poor boy!

Thank you for looking at my website.


Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork, Ireland:B.A. Fine Art, 1996
Norwich University of the Arts, Norwich, UK: M.A. Drawing, 2008

Recent Exhibitions:
The Bank Art Centre, Eye, Suffolk, 2015
The Aurum Gallery, Norwich, 2015